Learning and retaining new know-how has never been so easy or fast with these state-of-the-art micro-learning videos. Each one lasts only 60-120 seconds, so you’ll get a real sense of progression even if you only have time for a coffee break.

Here’s why this educational approach is fast becoming the way of the future:

Go at your own pace – choose targeted modules to fit your exact knowledge-gaps. Pause when you like, take tests when you like and set your individual learning goals. View your progress at-a-glance so you can pick and choose to suit your needs.


No more dull, endless slogging as with traditional education. This style of bite-sized learning lets you grow your skills faster than ever before. Set aside just a few minutes a day to become digital savvy in no time.

Results Driven

The problem with the old way of learning it’s often too theoretical – learning should easily translate into doing. With the Digital Skills Platform, the knowledge you pick up can be used straight away to drive your business forward.

View the Introduction Video to learn more:

Here’s a comprehensive list of the current courses you can access on SFM’s Digital Skills Platform – the list will continue growing to keep up with the changing digital world: